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25 Minute Meditation - The Scientific Way to Be More Creative

The Silicon Valley is known for it’s high concentration of creative minds and creative companies. In today’s digital world people have an abundance of tools to bring their ideas to life and ways to problem-solve that were unavailable to previous generations. But, the human element of inspiration is still the foundation for success and can be surprisingly lacking in areas where it is needed most.

Entrepreneurs and those in the startup culture use every possible tool to stay organized and boost their creativity. From flex-time work schedules to coworking to alternative corporate cultures, startup companies optimize their work environments for the benefit of their teams. But one trend has taken the lead in Silicon Valley and beyond - a technique that is proven to inspire and clear the minds of our country’s brightest individuals.

Meditation practice is becoming the new norm in startup work culture. A recent study performed by Leiden University tested 40 individuals who were guided in meditation for 25 minutes before performing critical thinking and problem solving skills. The study participants were taught two different techniques; “open monitoring meditation” (where participants allow all thoughts to flow, and not favor any particular idea), and “focused attention meditation” (where participants are asked to focus on one thought or idea).

The study showed favorable results for participants using the open monitoring meditation technique. The participants were able to figure multiple solutions to the problems they were presented after the session. The results were remarkable, not only because there was a clear correlation to meditation and more open-minded thinking, but because none of the participants were practicing meditation prior to the study. They were taught basic techniques and only meditated for a short period of time.

The techniques can be easily applied to everyday practice. A short meditation before going to work or at the end of the day may boost your ability to solve complex issues and improve your personal work productivity. To learn more about open monitoring meditation techniques and effects, click here.

Startup culture is fascinating, and small businesses as well as large corporations can learn from their ideas. In a world where technology often dominates or replaces human soft skills, it is vital to cultivate creativity in the minds of our entrepreneurs and workforce.

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