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Colorado’s Top Employers and Job Markets

2017 is shaping up to be a great year for Colorado job seekers. Unemployment dropped from over 8% in 2010 to less than 3% in 2016 and this trend is expected to continue. And because unemployment rates are so low, employers are fighting each other to attract new candidates.

Colorado continues to produce more and more jobs, but oftentimes there are not enough qualified candidates to fill them. It’s a good time to research current needs in the job market and consider continuing your education to meet those needs. These are the top industries in Colorado:

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Construction - Construction industry in Colorado has seen rapid growth in recent years making a comeback from the recession in 2008. Many professionals in the field left for more stable careers and now employers are competing to find experienced construction workers. This is a great time to learn about the construction trade and fill the gap between employer demand and qualified workforce.

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IT and Cybersecurity - The National Cybersecurity Center, located in Colorado Springs, is creating new initiatives for job growth in cybersecurity and information technology fields. There is a great demand for cybersecurity across the U.S., and Colorado is at the forefront of creating jobs for qualified professionals. A bachelor’s degree or substantial experience in computer science makes you an ideal candidate for a wide range of IT and cybersecurity jobs.

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Healthcare - Healthcare professions account for almost a quarter of job openings in Colorado. Some of the largest employers include HealthONE Corporation, Centura Health and SCL Health System. Government jobs in healthcare are also a great place to start your job search. There are plenty of colleges, universities and technical schools in Colorado that offer training in healthcare and medical fields.

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Renewable energy - Colorado is known as one of the biggest state advocates for sustainable energy and “green” alternatives in other industries. Wind, solar, and hydroelectric energy are some of the most popular for consumers and B2B markets. Jobs in these industries are easy to find - you just need the proper training to qualify for them.

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