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Construction Industry Boom in Colorado is Good News for Job Seekers

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Colorado’s construction industry took a massive hit in 2008, and is still struggling to recover from a lack of workforce since then. The loss of many experienced construction workers in 2008, when opportunities were scarce and their pay was cut significantly, has made it difficult for companies to meet the demands of the now growing economy.

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Many experienced construction workers left the industry during the recession, looking for more lucrative jobs in the energy sectors. Now, many companies are trying to pull that workforce back into construction, but with little success. Even with tens of thousands of unfilled construction jobs, there aren’t enough people to allow the sector to grow.

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The average entry-level salary for a construction worker is over $50,000 a year (or $15-20 an hour). Skilled workers can earn up to $75,000 if they have many years experience or professional certifications. Employers, however, are spending more in recruitment and raising salaries in order to hire the labor they need in order to grow. The competition between companies to find the best employees helps construction workers gain better benefits and salaries.

The construction industry is divided into residential and non-residential sectors. Non-residential construction may involve heavy industrial, engineering, institutional or commercial building. Some industry sectors, like the “green building” niche, often require formal training. Other sectors do not. If you’re interested in changing career paths, you may want to consider the construction industry for many reasons.

Ways to Get a Construction Job with No Experience:

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  • Gain experience with an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are the primary educational path in the construction field. You’ll work hands-on with a mentor to learn what you need before going to a work site on your own. You may also learn a specialty during your internship which can help you get higher-paying jobs in the future.

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  • Attend a technical school. Post-secondary training can give you a head start in finding a construction job without having to start at entry-level. Many construction companies are looking for someone with experience to replace those that left during the recession. You can find many construction technical schools and colleges in Colorado here.

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  • Work a temporary or temp-to-hire position. Experience is the only thing better than education on a resume. You can find entry-level construction jobs at a temporary placement agency. These positions will give you a wide range of experience, and will prepare you for a permanent position in the future.

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