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Hesitant to bring on new staff?

Temporary Placement for the Right Fit

Temporary placement is not a new concept, but one whose value is often overlooked by companies and their hiring managers. Many staffing problems can be solved with qualified temporary workers to get you through busy seasons or high-workload projects. Temporary placement should make your operations more manageable, and can make your permanent employees’ jobs easier. Consider these factors when looking to hire temporary staff:

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With temporary placement, you have the option of temp-to-hire. If your company is growing, but you’re hesitant to bring on new staff, a temp-to-hire contract may be perfect for you. These contracts allow you to give a new hire on-the-job training as well as a skills evaluation without investing in their long-term training. Of course, if the temporary employee does not match your ideal candidate profile, you have no obligation to keep them on staff.

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Temporary placement allows you to add seasonal workers without hurting your employees. Busy seasons can place burden on your regular staff, and they too can benefit from temporary workers covering extra shifts. Temporary staff is also helpful during summer or holiday months when many employees ask for time off work. This gives your permanent employees a healthy work-life balance without hurting your business productivity.

Temporary workers are just as hardworking as permanent workers, sometimes more so if there is the possibility for a permanent position. Staffing agencies recruit only the top individuals in a field and place them where their skills will be best utilized. Some temporary workers are looking to find companies where they feel most comfortable, and will exceed expectations in hopes to land a permanent position. You may find your next full-time employee through a temporary staffing agency.

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With a staffing agency, you decide how involved you want to be in the hiring process. Staffing agencies can send you resumes from which to choose and set up interviews, or they can fill the positions for you. However, all candidates go through an extensive screening and skills-evaluation process, so you will never have a poorly matched or unqualified employee sent through a staffing agency.

Contact Perseverance Staffing, LLC for more information on how to make temporary placement the right fit for you. We offer temporary placement and other staffing services, providing the best quality of customer service.