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New Training Program Opens in Denver to Grow Construction Workforce

Many Colorado residents have complained about the rising cost of housing, and lack of new developments in the state. Especially when the economy is on the rise, many property hunters are looking for more affordable, not more pricey places to buy for residential or commercial development. The construction industry has taken a hit in Color Unemployment rates for the metro-Denver area were calculated across several counties. In Douglas County the unemployment was closer to 2 percent; it was 2.3 percent in Broomfield County, 2.3 percent in Jefferson County, 2.4 percent in Arapahoe County, and 2.7 percent in Adams County. The adjusted average is calculated by factoring in seasonal unemployment and average turnover rates, which means the unadjusted unemployment rate is potentially higher than the average unemployment rate. The Denver jobless sector could be closer to 2% if adjustments were considered ado, unlike most other industries in the state. But, the Associated General Contractors of Colorado have put a plan in place to correct this dilemma and continue growth.

The primary driver for price increase in construction work is the lack of construction labor in the state. During the recession of 2008, most real estate and construction plummeted, and construction workers moved to more profitable careers in the oil and gas industries. In the next seven years, the Associated General Contractors of Colorado reports some 30,000 construction jobs need to be filled.

They have proposed a workforce development program, called Construction Careers Now to train people interested in construction careers. Several factors have contributed to the drop in construction workforce besides the recession, including the rising cost of college and the lack of shop classes taught in high schools. Construction Careers Now plans to offer free education in basics of construction and architectural skills to equip young or inexperienced workers to find entry-level employment in the industr

Once students complete the program, they are qualified to take entry-level or even some higher positions. This program should encourage more workers to consider jobs in construction, especially since they can receive qualifying education for free.

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