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TalentFOUND helps students, workers and businesses Discover Talent!




Perseverance proudly supports Colorado’s talent development network as a TalentFOUND affiliate.

You may not know that Colorado is known nationally as a leader in the alignment of our workforce, education and training, and economic development systems, and ensuring they are driven by the needs of businesses. Colorado has many great talent development resources to serve students, job seekers, workers, and businesses on their own unique paths to success.

But our reputation is generally known by those inside the workforce, education, and economic development systems. A great challenge is that many of those we serve – our students, job seekers, workers and businesses – do not know how to access these resources, or how much is available to them.

TalentFOUND is the umbrella that brings all of these systems and resources together. An initiative led by more than 100 affiliates, TalentFOUND is made up of three key components:

  • The Brand: The TalentFOUND brand is a unified entry point for individuals and employers to connect with the Colorado talent development network.
  • The Gateway: The online gateway at is where students, job seekers, and employers can connect with the existing resources of the Colorado talent development network – driving more people to the right place to get the help that’s available to them.
  • The Network: Workforce centers, industry associations, state agencies, school districts, businesses, and nonprofits came together to create TalentFOUND and continue to work to integrate efforts and strengthen the network.

TalentFOUND was born from a commitment to connect individuals and employers with the most relevant tools and resources of Colorado’s talent development network. Perseverance is proud to be an affiliate of TalentFOUND and help ensure Colorado’s

  • Students, job seekers, and workers have access to meaningful careers

  • Employers have access to the skilled talent they need

… resulting in statewide economic vitality.

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