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Tech and Cyber Security Jobs that Don’t Require a College Degree

Working in tech guarantees some of the best salaries you can earn; but, many people pass them up because they seem so difficult to achieve. However, many tech fields don’t require college degrees because they are so new. If you’re interested in pursuing a tech career but don’t want to go back for a degree, these are some positions you may want to apply for:

Cyber security Analyst - Cyber security is one of the fastest-growing fields in tech, yet is severely lacking in an able workforce. Because the demand for workers in this field is so high, many companies are willing to train workers on-the-job rather than looking for college-educated professionals. While a degree will secure higher paying jobs in this sector, you can still find entry-level positions with many cyber security companies.

Data analyst - A data analyst takes large amounts of data and translates its meaning to businesses and research groups. All businesses use data analysis, whether it’s for sales, marketing or their operations to improve inefficiencies and predict trends in the market. While degrees in data science help you qualify for a wider range of data analysis degrees, you can start in an entry level position without a degree.

Digital marketers - Digital marketing encompasses social media, email marketing, website optimization and other forms of digital advertising. Digital marketers don’t need college degrees; but, they do need some tech-specific knowledge and skills. Depending on your interests, you can work with websites, social media, advertising or public relations in digital marketing.

Website/App developer - Most people who become website or app developers learn what they know through practice and working with other professionals. Building websites and apps can be difficult, but once you learn the basics you can work for a web development company or freelance with your skills. This niche is expected to grow exponentially in coming years.

Network Engineer - A network engineer works on computer networks to ensure customers can use their devices easily and reliably. Many network engineers learn their skills on-the-job, as this field does not usually require a college degree. Network engineers install and troubleshoot problems in networks primarily for large businesses.

To find more high-paying jobs that don’t require college degrees, talk to a recruiter at Perseverance Staffing. We can help you find the right jobs for your skillset and needs.

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