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Tradecraft Industries Becomes Denver’s New Hotspot for Construction Industry

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Innovations in technology for the construction industry are never-ending, but Tradecraft Industries introduces something new to the field that Colorado has never seen before. This company, based in downtown Denver, is the first construction industry-specific co-working space. It’s unique layout and diversity of members makes it a perfect place for employers, job seekers, and innovators to collaborate on different projects and find opportunities in Colorado’s growing construction industry.

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The incubator space provides everything a startup or growing business needs. The facility has a large co-working space for projects, networking, and solo work space. It also has private office spaces and storage for larger companies. The incubator is one of a kind because it’s members are all construction companies or potential partners, unlike other incubators which often have a wider range of companies that may or may not mesh.

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One of the greatest benefits to joining Tradecraft is the career opportunities to be found with the member companies. Many of the members are startups or small businesses in need of local talent to grow. These jobs are perfect if you’re looking for entry-level work or want to be a part of a startup company and culture. Internships, part-time and full-time jobs are always available among the different tradecraft members. If you network with the right individuals you may find a company to join or a connection to other professionals in your specific trade.

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Tradecraft members aren’t just looking for construction workers and craftsmen either. Marketing, IT, and other internships are often available, as well as middle to upper management positions among the larger companies. Job listings can be found on their website, and are updated frequently. If you don’t see something that applies to your specialty, you can always schedule a tour and meet some of the members to learn about future opportunities.

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Perseverance recommends our candidates collaborate with Tradecraft Industries’ members for job training, experience, and future opportunities. We advocate for the growth of skills in construction across the board, and Tradecraft helps accelerate this goal and supplies Colorado with well-trained and well-rounded construction professionals.

To learn more about Tradecraft Industries, visit their website here.

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