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Why Workplace Mental Health Equality Helps Your Bottom Line

Mental health issues are often overlooked in the workplace, just as often as they are in society as a whole. While mental health issues can greatly impact an employee’s ability to conduct themselves and improve in the workplace, these issues are often seen as something they can “overcome”. Would you expect an employee with Diabetes to stop worrying about their blood sugar while on the job? Of course not! This is why it’s important to treat mental health with the same empathy and activism as other employee health concerns.

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Mental health issues are effectively treatable for over 80% of those who are diagnosed with a condition. Whether that treatment is medication, therapy sessions, or some mild accommodation at work or home, it can make a major impact on a person’s quality of life. However, less than a third of people even seek treatment, let alone follow through with it because of fear of discrimination in the workplace.

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If you are a concerned employer, it’s time to seriously talk about mental health treatment for your employees. Approximately one fourth of Americans have a mental health condition, whether it’s being currently treated or undiagnosed. This means you almost certainly have at least one employee who is suffering in silence for fear of being fired, embarrassed, or discriminated against.

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This fear can lead to a host of problems for you. Increased absenteeism, workers showing up sick and unable to perform effectively, and high turnover are some of the biggest issues. These issues can actually cost employers up to four times as much as expenses related to healthcare. You can often solve these issues by offering employees who have mental health disorders work accommodations or time off for therapy sessions, along with health insurance that covers mental health medications and other forms of treatment.

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Colorado’s Mental Health Equality in the Workplace Campaign helps employers better understand how to handle mental health issues, and how to provide better care for their employees. If you are a job seeker who is looking for employers with these kinds of benefits, contact Perseverance today.

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