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Benefits to Working With a Staffing Agency


Not many companies or job seekers consider temporary staffing as the first option for employment. However, more and more are showing interest in temporary and temp-to-hire structures because of their flexibility and protection for both employee and employer. But, these are some other benefits you may not have considered to working for or hiring a staffing agency:

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For employers:

Easy access to trained staff. Most temporary workers receive agency-specific training prior to being sent to their first job. This ensures clients that they will be happy with the employees and boosts confidence with the agency. Employers won’t have to spend much time training their temp staff because they are experienced with working in new environments and can well-adapt to any setting in which they must work.

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Saves time and money. You don’t have to interview or screen temp employees because the agency does that prior to hiring their staff. You also don’t have to pay for insurance, provide benefits or withhold employee taxes for temp workers. Because they are technically employed by the agency, you are not responsible for this.

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No obligations. One of the hardest tasks for employers is hiring seasonal staff and firing staff that doesn’t meet standards. But, temporary employees are accustomed to seasonal work and can be easily replaced if you are not happy with the results. You are not placed with the burden of hiring and letting go of these staff members. The agency handles it for you.

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For employees:

Insurance for part-time work. Most staffing agencies provide insurance coverage for their employees, whether or not the work full or part time. This is hard to find with a regular employer. Insurance for part-time work is why many people apply to staffing agencies despite the frequent travel and odd working hours.

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Flexible work schedule. Staffing agencies offer all types of working schedules. Some temp workers are full-time, while others are part-time. Some work nights, some work 9 to 5. And many staffing agencies offer flex-time, where employees can choose their hours depending on their personal schedule. You can make requests for certain schedules when working with a staffing agency.

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Access to “hidden” job networks. Clients who trust their staffing agencies oftentimes go to them for job placement for high-profile positions. These are jobs that aren’t made public by the clients unless they cannot fill them. You can get access to these job opportunities only if you’re connected to the agency’s employee network. You may even find a permanent position this way.

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