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Is Hiring Temporary Staff Really Cost-Effective

The workforce has significantly evolved in the last decade. New companies tend to offer more remote working and flex-time, while older companies are adopting these methods to reward their experienced employees. Employees are looking for these opportunities when trying to find employers that stand out from the crowd.

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So what about temporary placement? Not many employers consider temp hires as a viable option; but, job seekers are going to staffing agencies more and more to find the kind of work they want. Oftentimes staffing agencies can offer benefits, travel time and schedules that full-time employers can’t. But, it’s not just the workers who benefit from temporary staffing.

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When you work with a staffing agency, they will recruit and place qualified workers for seasonal or special work for which you don’t need long-term staffing. You won’t spend the same amount of time searching for qualified candidates because the agency does that for you. Think of all the time you spend normally recruiting and interviewing candidates for a new job.. With a temp staff, this is handled for you.

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Temp employees are also cheaper to hire because you don’t have to pay for background checks or drug tests. Employees of a staffing agency are screened before they are sent to a job. You, as the temporary employer, are guaranteed to have a qualified and screened employees available for the duration of your busy season or special project.


The agency also handles payroll, insurance, taxes and pays for employee benefits. Because temp workers are technically employed by the staffing agency, they are responsible for these things, not you.


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You can increase revenue during busy seasons when you have additional help. Finding a temp staff may not be a top priority; but, it can ease the burden on your full-time employees when the busy season hits. Instead of posting local ads and searching for seasonal employees at the last minute, you can hire a staffing agency who will take care of everything for you.

If you’re interested in hiring a temporary staff soon, contact Perseverance Staffing for more information on our temporary placement options.

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