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Career: The Defining Criteria For Happiness

As a staffing company you might expect us to say your career will define your happiness. Or that the money you can make (in a great career) can define your happiness. Right?? Wrong!!

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Some measure money as the primary definition of wealth. But, when you ask hospice nurses what most patients say as they are ready to leave this life, they will tell you most people say “I hope I made a difference!” That is the measure of true wealth: making a difference in the lives of others.

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Mental health, physical health, family, and a purpose in life also known as serving others makes people feel wealthier than all the money in the world. Just think. Have you ever known someone with a lot of money that isn’t happy? Have you known someone with a great career, successful in the eyes of many, who isn’t happy? Yes!

However, if you are seeking a career that aligns with your purpose which will then contribute to your happiness and “wealth” meter, we can help.

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Studies have shown that wealth is measured by mental and physical health, a sense of purpose or service to others, and a robust family life. After these come career satisfaction, income, and asset accumulation. Therefore, if you are looking for a career that will provide a sense of purpose, serve others, and allow a work-life balance, we can help you find what that is for you.