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Top 10 Jobs in Colorado

Unemployed, scrolling through the job postings, and you see a variety of positions. What does this mean for you?

Everyone has a different background. Some have gone to grad school, some have pursued training for either money that the field offers or because it’s their passion….either way they’ve earned a Bachelor’s degree. Some have stopped at high school or taken courses at community college. Wherever you land on the spectrum there’s a job for you!

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Within the top 10 types of job postings in Colorado you have customer service, food prep, retail, and truck driving positions that require little to no training and welcome entry level employees who haven’t pursued higher education. These jobs typically pay slightly above minimum wage, with the exception of truck drivers which pay higher, provide benefits, and the ability to be promoted quickly. A promotion can be attained simply by performing the job above average; performing with excellence can escalate your career quickly.

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Computer systems engineers and software developers sometimes have a Bachelor’s degree; other times they have been able to take a concentrated training program or find a mentor in a small startup. These careers pay well yet take less time in education before entering the field. Currently, there are more than 8,000 positions open in these careers in Colorado alone, and some offer the opportunity to work remotely.

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Finally, the career with the most openings (more than 10,000) is nursing. Although nursing does take dedication to pursuing your education, there are opportunities to begin in the field with a short-term program. The nursing field offers an above average starting salary, excellent benefits, flexible schedules, and much more. With an aging population, nursing jobs will continue to be in high demand. If your life gives you flexibility to travel, health professionals have the opportunity to be traveling nurses and get paid about 20% more because of the willingness to go where the demand is greatest and the labor pool is too small.

Therefore, when you find yourself unemployed and scrolling through the job postings, there is a job for you. At Perseverance Staffing we can help you find it.