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Get Your Hiring Right the First Time

The hiring process is one of the most important for all businesses, big and small. Choosing your team can make or break a company, and while these decisions are hard, they must be made. A good hire can make your job much easier while a poor choice can cost you irreplaceable time and money. In order to avoid a new hire disaster, you need to rethink the way you interview candidates and make the final choice.

Don’t hire another you. We tend to gravitate towards people similar to ourselves in both our personal and professional life. But, every organization needs diversity in order to thrive and accomplish its goals. You need to evaluate your candidates for their unique skills even if they don’t have skills you see in yourself. Different personality types and backgrounds can help you build a better company. And, you can always teach your new hire if they are not strong in the areas where you personally thrive.

Take your time interviewing candidates. Many companies hire out of need not out of desire. If a position opens up or a new job needs to be created, the hiring manager or executive often looks for the first available worker with the “necessary skills” to perform the tasks. This is one of the worst ways to go about hiring, and shows that you need to strengthen your plan for business growth by preparing in advance for new hires. Evaluate candidate skills, check all references, and make sure the person you choose is exceptional, not just good enough.

Evaluate character, not just skills. People can easily learn new skills, but they can’t always learn how to be a good employee. You need someone who wants (not just needs) the job, just as you need to want the candidate that you hire, not just someone who you need to fill an open position. Dedication and passion for the job are hard to measure so get a second opinion when you interview. If you and another trusted team member agree that someone is a good fit for the job and for your organization then you can take it to the next step in the hiring process.

Integrate your new team member gradually. The “sink or swim” method to onboarding is unfortunately the norm for most companies, especially startups. They throw new hires into the mix without proper training, and are surprised when the promising new candidate doesn’t succeed. No matter how skilled someone is, they still need time to adapt to your way of doing things, from the technology you use to the ways your organization communicates, solves issues, and how the company hierarchy works. Only push your new hire when you’re confident they can handle new tasks, and always offer help when they need it.

Find the right source for recruiting. An ad in the paper will attract candidates far and wide, but it won’t promise those applying are right for you. You need to find a platform or recruiting source that suits your company culture and values, one that attracts the right talent. If you’re looking for college interns, try an internship website or networking with the local universities. If you need someone more experienced work within your personal network to find a vetted candidate.

Perseverance Staffing makes the hiring process easy. We personally vet temporary, part-time and full-time workers for their hard and soft skills and match them with the companies who need them. Our process makes it easy for you to screen candidates and choose those that mesh with your company culture and values. To learn more about staffing solutions, contact us.

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