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The Top 10 Most Careers in Demand:


10. Maintenance Contractors - Facilities maintenance work has increased in Colorado in recent years due to business and economic growth. There are over 2000 maintenance-related jobs posted. Some of these jobs require no experience, while others are managerial and do require some experience or training in facilities maintenance.

9. Office Management and Administration - Experienced office managers and administrative professionals are in high demand. Those looking to enter this career field may benefit from an Associate’s Degree or higher. However, plenty of these jobs are entry-level and do not have a specific educational requirement.

8. Customer Service - Customer service is an excellent position for those looking to build their professional experience. Sales and customer service experience is invaluable for any career path you choose. You will become a better communicator, learn how to resolve conflict, and how to handle a high-stress work environment.

7. Line Cooks and Servers - Food service jobs are typically in high demand throughout the year. Tourists visit Colorado year round, and therefore restaurants must always be well staffed. These are great temporary jobs for young professionals who want to gain experience or make extra money during or between school years.

6. Retail Management - Retail jobs are easy to find, but not always easy to get. If you have worked in retail for a number of years, you may be able to land a job as a retail store manager. The salary for these jobs is respectable, and with tenure and experience you can work your way up with a company. If you enjoy working with people, retail management may be right for you.

5. Computer Systems Administration - Network or computer systems administrators are crucial to the ongoing operations of any business. Because of this, they are often well-paid and can secure long-term, full-time employment at the company of their choice. However, most of these positions require a Bachelor’s Degree and some prior experience in the field.

4. Software Developer - Software developers design, test, and program computer software for a variety of companies and industries. Because of Colorado’s advanced tech industry, software developers are in very high demand. To become a software developer you will likely need a Computer Science Degree and some work experience.

3. Retail Sales - Working in retail can be difficult, but it is very easy to find and retain a job. Retail sales people and workers often have the option to work part or full-time, and their schedules may be more flexible. Retail sales are also a great place to start if you have little work experience.

2. Truck Drivers - Truck drivers are in a difficult line of work, but the benefits outweigh the cost for many. They earn a high salary, and are able to take weeks off at a time. However, you are often required to be away from home for long periods of time which can either be a benefit or detriment, depending on what you hope for in your line of work.

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