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Let's Go Green!

Best Jobs in Renewable Energy

“Going green” isn’t just a trend in growing businesses and professional industries. Many companies and communities are investing in sustainable energy, not only to provide a better standard of living, but to grow local economies with jobs in renewable energy. In fact, renewable energy and energy-efficient industries provide 8.5 million American jobs every year. Private and public sectors are investing their time into growing this industry as it reaches a peak of consumer interest.

Those in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fields gravitate towards renewable energy jobs. Talented professionals have the opportunity to use their skills in ways that benefit the public. If you’re interested in accelerating your career in a renewable energy industry, consider these markets in your job search:

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Solar manufacturing

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing fields in renewable energy, especially for residential use. Many states are now passing legislation to make neighborhoods and public buildings solar-friendly. Companies look for technicians, engineers, and product developers to build and install solar systems. Some positions require no prior training, and offer living wages for those in small communities.

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Wind energy development

Though wind energy has been used throughout history, few developments have been made with recent technology. Research teams are now focusing their efforts on creating technologically advanced wind energy systems that provide the same amount of power as solar or conventional energy. Engineers, developers, and scientific researchers can find many opportunities in the fast-growing wind energy sector.

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Green building design

Architecture, both for residential and commercial use, is widely becoming environmentally-conscious. Universities emphasize the importance of green building as a standard, not an exception. Those looking into fields in architecture design and construction should invest in learning green building techniques and technologies. Knowing these techniques will not only raise your value to employers, but will open opportunities for professional advancements throughout your career.

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Bioenergy is closely related to agriculture, which draws professionals from diverse fields. Farmers are working with scientific researchers to find new uses for agricultural waste and excess crops. Like wind energy, this field has not been developed enough to bring to a mass market which means job opportunities are highly valuable and growing rapidly.

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Smart-grid technology

Even conventional energy is becoming more efficient with the use of the “smart-grid” electric design. The smart grid helps lower electricity use per household and integrates with renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Smart-grid systems are common in residential areas and help consumers lower their electrical costs.
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