• Facilities Engineering

    On-site engineering teams and specialized technical services help drive efficiencies and occupant satisfaction.


    Physical Plant Operations | HVAC | Plumbing | Machinery Repair | Preventative Maintenance | Energy Benchmarking


    Perseverance gives you unmatched operations and maintenance expertise and expedited access to specialized technical services. Perseverance Engineering+ solutions are customized to your facility to maintain systems, exceed occupant expectations, and drive new efficiencies and value. With Perseverance, you gain an industry-leading talent pipeline, self-performed services, and operational best practices designed by engineers.

    Service-Specific Benefits Elevating your operations to keep them running smoothly.



    Facilities Engineering:

    Perseverance knows facilities from neighborhood banks and schools to the most prominent office parks, airports, and stadiums. We offer a single point of contact by combining a proven self-performance model and integrated services platform, streamlining your administrative functions. And our people become your people. We integrate within your culture so we can anticipate and meet your needs.

    Self-Performed Specialized Services:

    From electrical engineers to HVAC technicians, our experienced teams proactively defend against system failures before they happen and promptly help clients in times of need. Perseverance goes beyond facilities engineering and provides an industry-first, comprehensive solution for facilities of all shapes and sizes.

    Technical Training and Certified Expertise:

    We provide NFPA 70E and other technical training from qualified instructors, resulting in reduced risk, safer work practices, increased compliance, and more significant career opportunities for on-site staff.

    Management Expertise:

    All our engineering managers have experience operating as chief engineers or in engineering operations roles. Their technical expertise helps provide on-point strategic and operational guidance for our crews. Perseverance engineering managers offer critical support for faster engineering talent acquisition, safety best practices, and emerging technologies. They also deliver insights from thousands of facilities to accelerate troubleshooting.

    Employer of Choice:

    Our relationship with the labor pool and ability to develop talent result in high rates of team member retention and job satisfaction.


    Our technology platforms and work order systems ensure buildings are operated efficiently with occupant health, comfort, and safety in mind.

    Purpose Built Service:

    We also provide technical services to optimize facilities, upgrade building systems and install the latest technology. Perseverance offers reliable, cost-effective HVAC and mechanical, electrical and lighting, electrical power, performance contracting, EV charging, and solar photovoltaic installation and management solutions.