• Staff Augmentation

    Perseverance will help you find top-quality talent when and where you need them. And with exceptional service ratings, you can feel confident in our partnership. Our knowledgeable professionals will work closely with you to craft the best solution for your needs, whether you're looking to manage workforce costs, ramp up a team quickly or hire the most skilled talent.

    We specialize in placing light industrial, skilled trades, and construction talent to support your project-based, seasonal, high-volume, or niche requirements.

    High-Volume Recruiting

    High-volume hiring requires significant recruiting bandwidth and the ability to coordinate resources quickly. We quickly and consistently meet high-volume staffing needs through a proven methodology that leverages Strategic Recruiting Centers nationwide.

    Niche Skilled Trades

    Access in-demand skill sets through our Strategic Recruiting Centers to attract and retain talent from pools of qualified candidates. Staff one or multiple job sites with vetted skilled trades workers.

    Working Together


    Learn about Perseverance Recruiting and Staffing Process!


    Understanding the marketplace and your business needs, goals, and culture is critical to laying a framework for success. Our experienced recruiters take the time to listen and learn so that we are prepared to attract and evaluate the ideal candidate for your business when you're ready to hire.


    Strategic recruiting centers across North America with cutting-edge technology, pooled community resources, vast databases, and candidate networks to find the correct matches for your business.


    Once we've identified potential candidates, we go through our customized screening process. We screen and meet candidates where needed to interview, skill test and ensure we find qualified candidates that fit your specific needs.


    You’ll be introduced to highly qualified candidates who, once vetted to your specific needs, are ready to get to work as soon as possible.


    Hiring isn’t a one-time thing. We’re here to be your long-term strategic partner, helping you optimize and retain your workforce by conducting strategic business reviews, monitoring performance, and updating you on fast-moving market trends. Our goal is to ensure our people put your business in the best position for success.

  • Employer Resources

    Tips on hiring and maintaining your staff


    Questions to prepare for the interview.


    Calculate scores/ratings of the interview.


    Calculate the cost of team member turnover in one position or salary range per year.


    Want to know if your employees are going to stick around?